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Don Medical Clinic to remain open into the future.

Don Medical Clinic is pleased to announce that we have received an offer of assistance which will allow us to remain open into the future. We still need to recruit an extra GP or 2, but this allows us some time to do this. We are very grateful for the community support and we hope that this will assist with attracting GPs to the area and advocating for the health needs of young people and our general community.

The practice does need to reduce costs and increase revenue to allow us to continue into the future. This means we do need to cease bulk billing. We have never been a bulk billing clinic, but our concern for offering affordable healthcare for all has meant the bulk billing rate has crept up over the years and we cannot continue to offer this. We have refined our fees structure to two tiers. (See updated fees schedule below).

Reducing our costs has resulted in some staff changes and the closure of the on campus clinic and at this stage it will be unlikely to re-open in 2019, unless additional financial support can be sought.

The ceasing of bulk billing and the closure of the on-campus clinic will impact on many of our young patients making it difficult for them to seek affordable healthcare. We have amended our Children and Young People Policy so as to make healthcare as accessible as we can for this group of people but it will remain inadequate for some. We are very disappointed with this outcome and we would encourage young people in this community to canvas local politicians as I think their voice will carry more weight than ours.

Children and Young People Policy:

Children and young people up to 25 will be eligible for the concession fee for a standard consultation. The exception to this is, all childhood immunisations, and children under 16 who are on a concession card will be eligible to be bulk billed.

Keep Well Clinic and Health Care Homes Program:

Patients of the practice, with chronic health conditions, to ensure consistent ongoing care, maybe eligible to join our Health Care Homes Program and our Keep Well Program that encompasses health assessments, GP management plans and Team Care arrangements. This includes patients of all ages. Please discuss with reception regarding eligibility for this service, especially if you are a young person with a chronic condition.

Health Care Homes

(enrolments up to Dec 2018)

Keep Well Clinic

We will continue to use Hot Doc for repeat scripts and referrals. this is a fee for service and payable by credit card at the time of the request. You must have a credit card to utilise this service. You can utilise the following link for this.

Repeat Prescriptions.

Repeat Referrals

We will always endeavour to see acute presentations promptly but the limited manpower may result in emergency presentations when there are no available appointments.

A standard appointment is a 12 minute to a maximum15 minute time slot, if you think your appointment may run beyond that then please discuss with reception.

Please forward any concerns regarding our changes to:

We thank you for your support and advocacy for our cause, we are keen to continue to offer our practice community quality health care into the future.

These Fee changes will be implemented on the Tuesday November 6, 2018.

Terms & Conditions of Engagement of Don Medical Clinic Services.

  1. Don Medical Clinic Doctors and staff offer a confidential and personal service to all our Patients. It is a condition upon becoming a patient at our clinic that you agree to abide by our Terms and conditions of engagement of our services.
  2. Don Medical Clinic will not tolerate abusive, aggressive or drunken behavior towards Doctors, staff or other patients of the practice. If this is found, the person/s involved will be asked to leave the premises immediately or we will call for assistance.
  3. By attending your appointment at Don Medical Clinic, you agree to the fees and charges levied for the services required, and agree to settle all accounts on the day. Should you be unable to pay on the day, please talk to the Practice Manager prior to seeing your Doctor to make arrangements for payment. A full list of Services and Fees are available.
  4. An account keeping fee of $15 will be added to any accounts not paid on the day. Any outstanding accounts must be paid prior to any further attendance for consultations.
  5. Don Medical Clinic will accept the Medicare Schedule Fee Payment for all children under 16 years of age who have a concession card.
  6. Young people and children up to 25 years of age will be eligible for our concession fee.
  7. All current concession card holders and aged pensioners are eligible for our concession fee for all consultations. All Concession Fees not paid on the day of consultation, will revert to our normal full fee plus the account keeping fee.
  8. All consumable items such as dressings, INR testing, bandages, sutures etc will be charged to the patient as a private fee. We will always keep the use of these items to a minimum. There is no Medicare or private health contribution towards these items






CONCESSION (Pensioners/Concession card holders/ Under 25's)



(< 10 minutes)












Long Consult

(> 20mins)






Extra Long (>40mins)






Dr Jane Cooper and Ian Abraham.