About Us :

Don Medical Clinic is owned and managed by Dr Jane Cooper, and her husband Ian Abraham. The clinic was established in 2013 and based at Don College, to provide a confidential health service for young people.

The success of the on campus clinic and Dr Cooper's desire to provide a family focused clinic in addition to supporting young people and other marginalised groups in her community, led to the establishment of a family practice in the main central business district of Devonport. The on campus health service continues to be serviced by Don Medical Clinic.

Dr Cooper is a local UTas graduate and has established the clinic to provide quality traditional family focused health care, and to provide a centre for learning to further educate and support the next generation of doctors through GP Training and Utas Medical Student programs.

Mission Statement and Practice Philosophy

Don Medical Clinic is a youth friendly and LGBTI friendly clinic.

The Clinic strives to

provide confidential, accessible, affordable and non judgemental

quality health care for all.