Our Fees

General Overview:

We are a private billing practice. We offer EFTPOS facilities and also accept Visa and Mastercard. For your convenience, we also offer Medicare Easyclaim for instant electronic Medicare rebates at the time of payment. We bulk bill all children and young people who require immunisations and all children under 16 on a consession card.

For more information go to Don Medical Clinic Billing Policy

Chronic Disease and Health Assessments:

We do understand that for people with chronic needs health care can become quite expensive. Our Keep Well Clinic utlises the Medicare Chronic Disease item numbers to assist us in keep costs down whilst at the same time delivering qualilty care to you and in the longterm a quality of life. For more information please go to Keep Well Clinic

Workers Compensation and Medicals:

Workers compensation will be billed to the employer. Worksafe Tasmania

Pre employment / insurance and commercial driving medicals are often billed to the employee and do not attract a medicare rebate.


NDIS, Centrelink and other forms will be discussed in a consultation with the patient that will attract a medicare rebate but please note there maybe more work required by the doctor following the consultation and this may attract a fee that is not medicare rebatable. For more information go to FORMS.

Mental Health:

Mental Health appointments are longer and complex consultations. These often require double appointments. A mental health plan is created by the GP for the patient. This will encompass SMART goals for the patient and if needed will also allow the patient to access up to 20 subsidised ( there maybe a gap fee ) visits to a psychologist/ nurse/ social worker / OT who are registered with the Better Access to Mental Health Scheme.

Focussed Psychological Strategies in the general practice practice are delivered by GPs who have undertaken extended mental health skills training and who are registered with Medicare. These are longer appointments and attract a Medicare rebate. Please discuss with reception.

The Better Access to Mental Health program has recently established specific item numbers to manage Eating Disorders, please discuss with your doctor.

Adolescent Health and Well Being:

These appointments are often complex and often involve physical and mental assessments. Where possible they are booked as double appointments and to keep costs down mutiple item numbers are often billed to Medicare where appropiate. These consultations often involve meeting with the parents on their own and a fee may be billed to the parent for this time. This is a special interest are a for Dr Jane Cooper and she does endeavour to utilise as many means as possible to provide accessible, affordable, confidential and non-judgement health care.

Travel Medicine:

Please note that consults in relation to travel medicine may not attract a Medicare rebate and you will be charged full fee.