Keep Well Clinic Program - Chronic Disease Management

About the Keep Well Clinic Program

The Keep Well Clinic Program incorporates chronic disease management programs as per Medicare chronic disease item numbers. However at Don Medical Clinic we have a strong belief that early intervention for any age group will have a profound impact onlong-term health outcomes.

The Keep Well Clinic program promotes annual health assessments for all age groups.

In addition to this we promote establishment of patient focused GP Management Plans for all patients with chronic disease.


GP Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements

Where a patient has a chronic disease and meets Medicare criteria, then they maybe eligible for a GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangement. These are tools that you and your doctor can use to tailor your health care to meet your current health needs.

These plans are reviewed every 3-6 months. In some circumstances provided you meet Medicare criteria you may be eligible for a Team Care Arrangement that allows you access to 5 visits to an allied health professional, which is partly subsidised by Medicare.

If you are unsure as to whether you meet these

Chronic Disease Management Fact Sheet


Don Medical Clinic aims to offer all patients eligible under this program access to an online health summary and plan that they and their care team access online. This is different to the MY HEALTH RECORD.

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Health Assessments

Don Medical Clinic has a strong belief that early intervention for any age group will have a profound impact on long-term health outcomes. The Keep Well Program promotes annual health assessments for all age groups.

The health assessment is tailored to individual needs and is age, sex and culturally dependent, as this brings different levels of risk of disease for the individual.

Where appropriate blood and urine tests are organised before the check up. Other test such as ECG or breathing tests are done at the time of the visit depending on the individual risk factors.

The visit will involve a session with our practice nurse for 30-40 minutes and then a review by the doctor.

There are however specific programs for

Indigenous Australians

40-49 year olds at high risk of Diabetes

45-49 year olds at risk of chronic disease

Patients aged 75 years of age and onwards

Patients with Intellectual Disablities

Former Australian Defence Force Personnel


For more information and for details around cost please call reception during business hours on 64 415 299