Drugs of Addiction - Practice Policy

Don Medical Clinic Policy - Drugs of Addiction

Please note due to an increasing request for scripts of drugs of addiction, Don Medical Clinic has reviewed the current policy.

No scripts for Drugs of Addiction will be prescribed on the first appointment. This is an unfair demand to place on the doctor who has only just met you. There is no exception to this policy, so to avoid embarrassment, please respect this policy.

In situations, where drugs of addiction have been prescribed, there will be regular review and encouragement to reduce and cease these medications.

Don Medical Clinic acknowledges that drugs of addiction have an important role to play in:

The doctors at Don Medical Clinic believe that the use of alternative methods to manage chronic pain is the best long term option for their patients and this is supported by evidence based medicine.

For all patients commencing drugs of addiction then the patient will be asked to sign a contract to encourage safe use of drugs of addiction.

For patients already being prescribed drugs of addiction then your case will be reviewed and a contract will be incorporated as part of the current plan.

Those patients requiring repeat prescriptions will be asked to have a plan in place as to how they are to access these scripts. Phone request will not be accepted. Quick Clinic will be appropriate on some occasions where agreed with the doctor. Otherwise you will be required to make an appointment to follow up with your regular doctor.

Please do not challenge reception staff about these requirements.

Don Medical Clinic has established this policy to keep their staff and patients healthy and well and reduce the risk of addiction that comes with the prescription of these drugs.

If you do not agree with the policy, we have in place then you will be encouraged to seek health care elsewhere.

For more information, please talk to your doctor or the practice nurse.