Travel Health

If you are travelling overseas it is a good idea to think about how to keep you and your family safe from illness, so that you enjoy your visit.

Depending where you go will depend on what risk you might be exposed to.

The Department of Health and Smartraveller Website are useful sites to find out information about where you are going to .

Don Medical Clinic offers comprehensive pretravel assessment and preparation for you.

There are many different types of immunisations and the practice is registered to provide Yellow Fever Immunisations that is necesary to enter some countries.

If you are able to provide information about where you are going and when , we can commence the assessment before your consultation.

A consultation that is dedicated purely to Travel Medicine is not eligible for a Medicare Rebate and cannot be bulk billed, and is therefore a private fee for the consultation.

For an individual - this will be a standard consult fee of $85 and $15 fee to see the nurse for follow up immunisations.

For families or group immunisations then a mutual fee will be arranged to help keep costs to a minimum.

To help us to achieve this if you can provide some information about your planned travel that will make the visit more useful when you see the doctor.

If you have any immunisation schedules or summaries that you can bring along to the appointment that would also be very useful.