Don Medical Clinic - Flu Clinic

PLEASE NOTE : you can have both Flu vaccine and Covid 19 vaccine at the same time

Don Medical Clinic has in stock public funded flu vaccines only.

Government Funded (Free) Flu Vaccines are avalable as follows

  • If you are aged over 65
  • If you are aboriginal or Torres strait islander and are at least 6 months old
  • If you are pregnant
  • If you are aged between 6 months to under 5
  • If you have chronic health conditions (eg: Diabetes, heart disease, Respiratory disease such as sever asthma or COPD, Autoimmune disease etc) - If unsure ask your GP

We also have Private flu vaccines for all ages 5 and over who do not qualify for the Government funded vaccine. Cost is $25 which includes vaccine and Nurse Immuniser service fee.

  • if the appointment is only for a flu immunisation and you see a GP
    • doctor appointment will be funded under Medicare (bulk Billed)

Who is eligible for a public health funded vaccine ?

  • children aged 6 months up to under 5
  • all Aboriginal and Torres strait island people from 6 months of age
  • all pregnant women
  • all people 65 and over
  • all people who have severe chronic disease including respiratory (Asthma, COPD), heart disease, Diabetes etc

Appointments can also be made by:

  • phone reception - 6441 5299
  • online booking request using the Non - Urgent Appointment Request , please make a note when completing this form if you have completed the online consent from above.
    • Hot Doc booking system provides a flu clinic booking option that will include the consent form and make this process easier.