Practice Information

Opening Hours: 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday, closed for lunch 1pm-2pm

After Hours: There is an after-hours service provided by GP Assist, 1800 022 222. This service offers free assistance from a registered nurse and medical advice from a GP if needed. There are several clinics in the area that offer weekend clinics.

Timely Access: If you are acutely unwell, you will be seen on the same day in the acute appointment slots.

Routine Appointments: Routine appointments may not be available on the day, as these times are dedicated to see acutely unwell patients. We run on 15-minute appointments, so if you have complex needs you may need to book a double appointment. It is helpful to outline your needs to the reception staff, so that the appropriate time can be set aside for you.

Drugs of Addiction: Drugs of Addiction will NOT be prescribed on your first appointment. There is no exception to this policy, so to avoid embarrassment, please respect this policy. In situations, where drugs of addiction have been prescribed, there will be regular review and encouragement to reduce and cease these medications. The Doctors at Don Medical Clinic believe that the use of alternative methods to manage chronic pain is the best long term option for their patients and this is supported by evidence based medicine. (A copy of our Drugs of Addiction Policy is available upon request).

Billing: We are a private billing practice with Medicare Online claim back facility for your convenience, however we do bulk-bill children under 16 on a concession card and routine childhood immunisation appointments.

Telephoning Your Doctor: A message will be taken by reception and you will be contacted by the practice once the Doctor has reviewed the message.

Online Bookings: We use an online booking system called Hot Doc . This can be accessed via the Don Medical Clinic webpage or Facebook page. When you register with Don Medical Clinic as a new patient and provide an email address and mobile phone number, you will receive a welcome email and email/SMS reminders for appointments. There will be several online appointment options for you to choose from depending on your needs. If you have any queries about making an appointment or if you are acutely unwell then call the clinic directly on 6441 5299 during business hours. Book Appointment

Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat Referrals

Home Visit: Your request will be taken by reception and the staff will phone you back as soon as possible after they speak with the Doctor. If you think you may require this service please ring early in the day.

Reminder System: We consider your participation in health monitoring to be an essential part of your health care. We operate an extensive reminder system designed to ensure the opportunity of attendance.

Results: If you have had an investigation ordered by your Doctor, the Doctor will make arrangements with you on how to get these results. The ideal is that you return for discussion of the results. However phone, email and SMS can be used to follow up results in some cases. Reception staff will not provide information about results and ideally we would prefer patients follow the plan outlined by the doctor and do not call for results. If you do call, a message will be taken and forwarded to your Doctor by reception staff.

Notifications: Don Medical Clinic uses the Webpage,, Facebook, email and SMS to keep patients up to date with changes or events relating to the practice.

Disability Services: The practice is mindful of people with disabilities and has wheelchair access. A wheelchair is available if required. If you have special needs please discuss these

with your Doctor.

Feedback: We welcome your feedback to improve our care. There is a feedback box in the waiting room. Anita McCall is our Senior Receptionist if you would like to talk to someone.We believe problems are best dealt with through the practice. However you may contact: Health Complaints Commission 1800 001 170.

Accreditation: Our practice is fully accredited with GPA to ensure RACGP standards are met.

Taxis: Please do not hesitate to ask our reception team to order a taxi from the surgery should you require one.

Parking: Is available at the front and rear of the building, as part of the Hill Street Complex.

Privacy: Your privacy is important to us. This practice is bound by the Commonwealth Privacy Act - Privacy amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000. We abide by the 13 Australian Privacy Principles . Collection of your personal information is important to provide appropriate care to you. We will not release information about you or your care to anyone without your written approval unless required by law. A copy of our privacy policy can be obtained from our website or from reception. Privacy Policy