Home Visit Policy

Home visits by our GPs are available both within and outside of normal opening hours to patients that are located a reasonable distance (10km radius) from the practice and meet the defined eligibility criteria.

Eligible patients are offered home visits and are made aware of this service through the 'Patient Information Sheet' and on our website and any anticipated costs associated with home visits are discussed with the patient.

For eligible patients whose circumstances are deemed not safe and reasonable, or the patient is located too far away for a home or other visit, the practice ensures that there is an alternate system of care that these patients can access.

Home visits are organised by reception staff and are at the discretion of the GP if:

1.It is a regular patient of this practice; and

2.They live a reasonable distance (10kms radius) from the practice; and

3.It is safe and reasonable; and

4.The patient:

  • is acutely ill; or
  • is immobile; or
  • is elderly; or
  • has no means of transport; or
  • is unable to access the practice facilities due to disability.

If another GP or agent is conducting the home visit, they are able to obtain and access the patient health record for the timely exchange of clinical information. If information is held about the patient in different records (e.g. a paper-based system at a residential aged care facility) there is a record made for every consultation in each system indicating where the clinical notes for the consultation are recorded to ensure patient health information is available when required.

Appropriate PPE will be used when required to protect the clinician and the patient from cross infection. In cases of high risk, all PPE should be changed between each home visit patient, discarded into an infectious waste disposal bag and taken back to the practice for disposal.

Our staff members refer to our triage protocols when determining if a caller needs a visit urgently and if in doubt the caller is put on hold and the patient's GP is asked to advise. Safety for all parties is a priority. If the situation is deemed unsafe due to physical violence, abuse or dangerous situations, alternative care will be arranged

If a home visit cannot be made on the day and the patient urgently seeks a consultation then the patient is provided with the name, phone number and location of the nearest emergency department of the local hospital or advised to call 000.