Telehealth Consultations

Don Medical Clinic is providing telehealth consultations as an alternative to face to face consultations.

This can be by Video telehealth or telephone call.

These can be funded as a:

  • Medicare Eligible (only if you have had at least 1 x face to face consult at our practice in the previous 12 months)
  • Private Fee

There are specific limited criteria to qualify for a Medicare Rebate. Most Telehealth by VIDEO link are eligible for a Medicare rebate

Telephone Only calls (no Video) have limitations on rebates and must be kept to under 15 minutes in most cases. If you are registered for My Medicare, there is an additional rebate for telephone consults 20 - 40 minutes in duration) - How to register for MyMedicare

ALL Telehealth services by Video or telephone are private services. This means there will be a fee and you can obtain a Medicare rebate. Our reception team can advise of costs. Reception will contact you after your "visit" to arrange payment. You can pay over the phone, or we will send you a "payment link" therough the HotDoc booking service

Your fees can also be paid at they can be paid by credit card or direct deposit.

Once payment is received, we will send your claim to Medicare on your behalf and you will receive your rebate within 48 hours.

These can be offered to address acute and chronic issues.

Reception will guide you as to which funding option you will be eligible for.

The practice will be using a secure option through HOTDOC to create a virtual consulation room with a virtual waiting room. These sessions will be offered in the morning and afternoon at dedicated times.

To use Hotdoc Video, all you will need is:

  • a device - desktop computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, Tablet
  • camera and microphone
  • use of headphones with a microphone is preferable

When a video appointment is made, you will be emailed/ sms a message with a secure individual link.

This link will also be sent in your appointment reminder text.

  • At the time of your appointment, click on the link.
  • You may need to check your video and sound settings.
  • When your GP is ready, they will come onto the screen.
  • Find a quiet place away from other people.
  • For the best audio quality and Privacy of your conversation, we recommend the use of headphones.

This LINK gives an overview of the HOTDOC video conference patient experience