My Health Record - What information is stored and how do I access this?

Your "My Health Record" (MHR) is an electronic health record provided by the Australian Federal Government. It was released in 2012 as ther "Personally Controlled Electronic Health record" (PCEHR) as a means of recording some data for sharing across some health sectors. Don Medical Clinic actively uses the MHR. Thhis can give us access to medications and pathology results you may have obtained elsewhere. Being relatively new, not all information is available, but overtime this will become a valuable assett in managing your healthcare annd hopefully minimising duplication of testing where possible.

The MHR is controlled by you. You can determine if you want it (ie you can opt out). You can set restrictions on who can access as well as alerts.

Many people would have accessed their MHR during the last 2 to 3 years to access your Covid 19 vaccination certificates as all Immunisations are now recorded on the "Australina immunisation Register. This required linking your "MyGov" account to your "Medicare Express App".

The "Medicare Express" App has had some links to some of the informaiton found on your MHR. Information such as your Medicare item claim history and your immunisation history that is stored on the "Australian Immunisation Register"

What extra information can you access on your MHR?

  • Pathology reports (blood tests, swabs etc) (Most pathology companies upload this information)
  • Imaging reports (X Rays, Ultrasounds etc) (Most imaging companies upload information)
  • Your Prescription medications dispensed (Most pharmacies)
  • Tasmanian Hospital discharge summary reports (some uploading )
  • Immunisations given
  • Your Medical Shared health Summary (Summary only of certain information - Not all of your record notes) - this is uploaded by your GP
  • an "Event Summary" - can be uploaded by a GP in the case of seeing smeone different (eg you are away on holiday and need to see a GP. They can upload an event summary to your MHR, your usual GP can access this when you next have a consultation)
  • Your Advanced Care Directive can be uploaded so Health professionals and Hospitals can access this.

How you do see what information is on your MHR?

  • You can now download an App to your smartphone - link this to your MY Gov account and then have access to all current information on your My Health Record in the palm of your hand. This is safe and secure

  • You can login through a web browser through your mMyGov account
  • If you see any information on the MHR that you dont think is accurate then you should contact the practice to advise us so we can see if this can be amended.

Who can access this information?

  • You can
  • Medical services that have been approved by the Australian Digital health agency and Medicare. Medical services Must have been approved after ensuring they have met the Digital Security requirements and have secure, encrypted links to the service.
  • Your GP Practice can (unless you have put restrictions on access)
  • The Tasmanian Hospital Service currently is utilising the MHR to determine your Medical history summary and recetn pathology tests, medications etc


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