e Mental Health Links

There are many online web sites, that are interactive and that have proven to be effective to supportive management of mental health issues.

Head to Health , Beacon and Mind Health Connect are examples of portals that you can use to find web sites that suit your needs best.

Some examples of web sites that you might come across using these portals include:

The Brave Program has two programs - children aged 8-12 and teens aged 12-17

Bite Back and MoodGYM are interactive program suited for young people

Smiling Mind is a great web site for all ages and has an APP that can be downloaded so the software can be accessed using a smartphone.

Others with a more adult focus include:





These are very useful tools and are found to be very effective when used with the support of your general practitioner.

Other useful website for information:

<12 years: Kids Help Line

12-24 year olds: Reachout, Headspace, Beyond Blue Youth

Older age groups: Beyond Blue, Black Dog Institute

More Specific Needs :

Eating disorders: The Butterfly Foundation

LGBTI : Working it Out

For more information on how to use these tools, talk to your doctor at Don Medical Clinic