Mission Statement

Don Medical Clinic is a general practice committed to providing consistent, multidisciplinary and collaborative health care. We offer a team-based approach and strive to offer consistent, up-to-date and evidence based medicine. Don Medical Clinic will strive to be a hub for learning and workplace well being, in a safe, non-judgemental and nurturing environment.

Practice Philosophy

Our aim is to:

To deliver comprehensive whole patient-centered care, in a welcoming, non-judgemental family focused environment.

To treat each other with respect and without judgement.

To be honest and transparent in our dealings with each other, including both staff and patients.

To feel safe to provide feedback in a positive manner.

To feel safe to manage a grievance or concerns in a constructive fashion.

To strive to maintain good mental and physical health for oneself and to support health and well being in the workplace and to the community that we provide a service to.

To achieve excellence as a teaching practice and support the next generation of health professionals.

To encourage a dynamic, creative and innovative approach to our delivery of team-based health care to the community.

We will take pride in the delivery of diligent comprehensive patient-centered health care that is offered by the Don Medical Clinic team.

All staff at Don Medical Clinic strive to continue to learn and be up to date with advances in health care and workplace policies and procedures. All staff will be encouraged to engage in further educational activities.