My Medicare - What is My Medicare?

1. What is MyMedicare

2. Who is Eligible

3. Why is MyMedicare Important

4. How to Register

5. More Information

6. Veteran Affairs patients

MyMedicare is a new voluntary patient registration program from Medicare. Its aim is to strengthen the relationship with your General Practice Care Team.

Evidence shows that seeing the same Practice, GP and health care team regularly for continuing care improves health outcomes, so all Australians are encouraged to register with MyMedicare to reinforce their relationship with their regular practice and GP.

  • Registration in MyMedicare is voluntary for all patients.
  • Veteran Affairs (DVA) patients are also encouraged to register, but will need to register using a Medicare card if they have one (if they dont, they can register at the practice with a paper form).
  • You can still receive care and Medicare rebates for services if you do not register.
  • There is no cost to register.
  • We are encouraging all of our practice community to register.
  • MyMedicare will not hold clinical health information about the patient. Its purpose is to link the patient with their regular practice and support continuous care at that practice.
  • My Medicare is not a "fix" for all the Medicare issues, BUT it is the start of a transition over the next few years of moving to a more person-centre care system, when registered with your preferred practice.

Don Medical Clinic has registered as a My Medicare practice and will be actively involved in the service as we have always utilised our team to provide your care. We see this as a positive first step forward.

Who is eligible to register?

  • Patients will need to have an existing relationship with the practice and GP to register. This will mean having at least 2 x Face to Face consultations in the same practice in the previous 2 years to be eligible to register.
  • Current registered, regular patients of Don Medical Clinic
  • patients of all ages
  • Must have a Medicare Card OR DVA (Veteran Affairs) card

Why is MyMedicare important.

(from November 1st 2023) - MyMedicare registered patients will initially have access to the following:

  • You will be eligible for a higher Medicare Rebate on longer telehealth consultations (> 20mins) - with your My Medicare linked general practice (currently the rebate is capped to short and standard (<20mins)) telephone consults. (that is - Lower out of pocket expense for you if your telephone consultation is > 20 minutes)
  • Pensioners, Concession card holders and children under 16 - May be eligible for a triple bulk billing incentive for some longer Medicare consultations. Currently this will only apply to standard consultations over 6 minutes in length. (this means if you are a concession card or pension card holder - your out of pocket expense could be reduced in some cases). This will NOT APPLY to care plans, health assessments, Mental health plans etc.- only standard time based consultations.

MyMedicare practices will have access to:

  • the new longer telehealth items linked to MyMedicare outlined above.
  • From 01/11/2024 (To be confirmed) - new blended funding payments to support better care in the community for people with complex, chronic disease who frequently attend hospitals. These arrangements will roll out progressively across the country over three years from FY2024-25.
  • To ensure consistent care, chronic disease Management items may be linked to a patient's registration in MyMedicare from November 2024. Patients who are not registered in MyMedicare will still be able to receive Chronic Disease Management items from their usual GP, but being registered may assist more with funding your care at your registered practice.

How to Register

From October 2nd, 2023 all people, all ages will be able to register with MyMedicare and your GP practice. (you cannot register before this date). Registration will be through your MyGov account OR through your Medicare Express Plus app

  • Check you access to your MyGov account and this is linked to your medicare online
  • Check you have access to your Medicare Express App or Medicare online account
  • Link your MyGov to your Medicare express App on your phone if you haven't already (you may have used this to get your Covid vaccination certificate)
  • Although Registering electronically online is the quickest and easiest option - there is a manual form that can be downloaded, completed and submitted at the practice. Manual Form
  • Download the Myhealth Record App
    • Though not vital, this app links to your electronic My Health record, which gives you access to your pathology results, Imaging results, your Health summary, your recorded medications, your Health Summary in the palm of your hand (not your full Medical record, just a summary.
  • Patients can commence registration Now
    • through your Medicare Express plus Smart Phone APP (Link to a step by step guide)
    • OR This can be through your MyGov / Medicare online services (Link to step by step Guide)
    • OR complete a registration form in your preferred practice (Link to Manual Form)
    • Veteran Affairs Card Patients can register using a Medicare card if they have one. Veterans who do not have a Medicare card will Need to register with a manual form at their preferred practice. (online unavailable as Registration can only be Medicare number). If you do register with a Medicare card, it will link to your current DVA card austomatically.
  • You will need to select your preferred practice. (eg Don Medical Clinic)
  • You will need to select your Preferred GP. This does not mean you can only see this GP or will only see this GP. It is purely a Medicare administration requirement.
  • Don Medical Clinic will then get a notification to login and confirm the registration from our end (this may take a few days)
  • You can still be seen at other GP practices if needed (eg when travelling etc), just some extra services may only be available at your registered practice.
  • Parents or Guardians will need to register children under 14. This may need to be done in the practice
    • If a parent has had 2 or more face to face visits, then they can also register their children even if the child hasnt been in recently
  • Young people aged 14 to 17 are able to have their own MyGov and own My Health record and are able to register themselves OR give consent for a parent or Guardian to register them

It is expected to take 6-12 months to complete registrations across the country ( it will be a process) - Be patient,

If a patient moves or transfers to a new practice in the future, once they have an established relationship with the practice (2 or more face to face consultations), they can then register with the new practice (this will cancel the registration with the previous practice).

More information is available with this