Urgent / On the Day Appointments - please call Don Medical Clinic during business hours to arrange on appointment on 6441 5299

  • Staff at Don Medical Clinic will accomodate on the day appointments where possible
  • Unwell children are a priority and are always accomodated by the team
  • Unwell adults will be offered a telephone call at the every least but if triage assessments proves this is more urgent then and appointment will be made
  • outside the standard practice hours of 9 am - 5 pm -> see After Hours Care

Non- Urgent Appointments

For a non - urgent appointment

call the clinic during business hours on 6441 5299

book online using Hot Doc link

email request please click on tab:

My Health Record

With the diversity of services available for health care the primary responsibility for ongoing care remains with your general practice clinic.

Now more than ever communication between services is crucial. The Emergency Departments have worked hard to have prompt consultation summaries forward to patient's general practitioners. Urgent Care Clinics will be expected to offer the same timely service.

However, to facilitate good communication between all practitioners Don Medical Clinic encourages all of their patients to have a My Health Record that they and their primary practitioners can access. Up to date information can be provided by the GP, and this can be accessed by clinicians in Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Clinics.

Patients are encouraged to ask clinicians at Urgent Care Centres to arrange Event Summary uploads to their My Health Records. Both their GP and Emergency Dept Doctors can access this information for ongoing care be that by the GP or the Emergency Department.

For more information go to: MY HEALTH RECORD

To make an appointment with the Don Medical Clinic COVID Vaccine program please click on tab

If you have COVID infection or think you might have COVID infection then please click on the link below: