Don Medical Clinic is Moving Premises

Don Medical Clinic will be moving to new premises at the Hill Street Complex in Oldaker Street, Devonport.

Aside from our address our contact details will remain the same.

We will close at 106 Best Street on Thursday March 29th 2018 5 pm and open at Hill Street on Tuesday April 3rd 2018 at 9 am .

PLEASE NOTE: bookings for the week prior to Easter and the week after Easter will be limited and priority will be given to those needing urgent review.

Please ensure that your scripts are up to date and make an appointment in the next few weeks if you are needing a reveiw.

We thank you for your support and patience in this process.

We are very excited about our future at Hill Street. The complex will be bigger and allow us to have more visiting specialists and allied health providers.

We will have more consulting rooms and we hope that this will assist in Don Medical attracting more like minded doctors to come and join our team.

For those interested in Employment - please visit Employment at Don Medical

If you have any concerns or queries then please, call reception on 6441 5299 during business hours or email your query

The Team at Don Medical Clinic