Keep Well Program - Mental Health

The Mental Health Program incorporates Medicare item numbers that are part of the Medicare Better Access to Mental Health Care Program.

This involves a visit to the doctor for a mental health assessment and based on this discussion , development of a mental health plan.

This allows Medicare item numbers to be charged, that where appropriate allow access to a mental health worker.

(inlcuding psychologist, social worker or occupational therapist, who are registered with the Better Access Program )

The assessment is an opportunity to take a wholistic approach to your health and well-being.

It will include discussion around diet, exercise, sleep, work-place and home-life.

Smoking cessation, safe alcohol use and other high risk behaviours will also be discussed .

Don Medical Clinic is networked with many community support services to further support our patients.

The Mental Health Program is part of Don Medical Clinic'sKeep Well Program.

Don Medical Clinic promotes early intervention of strategies to support health and well-being, leading to better long term outcomes for patients who attend our practice.

For more information please call reception during business hours.