Welcome 2021 Newsletter

1. Staff Changes for 2021

Dr Mafada will have completed his 12 month placement with Don Medical Clinic on 22nd January 2021. We have thoroughly enjoyed having him work as part of our team. We wish him all the best for the future and hope that he might consider returning to Don Medical Clinic when he has finished his training in general practice.

We welcome Dr Jessica Madden for the next few weeks. Dr Jess is from Wodonga and like Dr Jane is working in schools as a GP on-campus. She is having a working holiday whilst seeing the sites of our beautiful island.

We welcome a new receptionist to our team, Allison Kamphuis, she will be wearing an L plate as she learns the ropes so please help us support her in the new role.

2. Fees for non - attenders

A fee of $ 40 will be charged for patients who fail to attend booked appointments and fail to let reception team know by phone or email. Future appointments will not be booked until the fees is paid.

3. E scripts

Don Medical Clinic is now providing E scripts , as a direct text to your phone or email.

For more information watch the short video below or go to the following website : electronic prescriptions

4. Active Ingredient Prescribing

From Febraury 1st 2021 our scripts will be noted as the active ingredient rather than brand names. For more information go to the NPS consumer information , press the icon below.