How to get a Medicare Card

You can get your own Medicare Card from the age of 15. To apply for your card go to your nearest Medicare Office.

You will need to fill out the form called 'copy or transfer from one Medicare card to another' and bring two forms of identification with you (like a birth certificate, student card, health care card, driver's license or passport).

You can also choose to stay on your parent's card and have a copy made to keep with you (you don't need identification to do this).

If you choose to post the form to Medicare, you can download it from but you need your identifying documents certified (ask an adult to help you with this) and attached to your form.

You can also get a card if you are a New Zealand citizen or have been given or have applied for a permanent residency visa. In special situations some people can get their own card if they
are under 15.

For more information, please call Medicare on 13 20 11