Telehealth Options

Don Medical Clinic will endeavour to meet both acute and chronic needs of their patient community. We offer a high quality of chronic disease management through our Keep Well Clinic. We offer general consultations by face to face and by "Telehealth". This will be by video conferencing or by telephone if video is not available. If a GP needs to then see a patient physically in the practice, this will be arranged at a suitable time to ensure social distancing and minimal risk for all parties concerned.

There are three options for funding a telehealth consult

  1. Medicare Eligibility
  2. Private

Medicare Eligibility

From March 30, 2020, the Australian Government has opened up Medicare Rebatable GP telehealth consultations to all people with a valid medicare card. These consultations are not routinely bulk billed. Consultations fees may be charged with Medicare rebate back to you. You must have been seen by a GP in our practice within the last 12 months to be eligible (some exemptions to this rule apply so please check with reception)

  • Most general attendance consultations (time based) similar to when you currently visit the GP face to face. (the maximum telephone Medicare reabte ,imits your consult to 15 minutes)
  • General Practice Management plans and reviews (for patients with ongoing chronic disease) (Video only)
  • Team care arrangements and reviews (Patients with chronic conditions who may require Medicare subsidised Allied health consultations as part of their disease management) (Video only)
  • GP Meantal health Treatment Plans (and reviews) (Patients who may require access to services such as Psychology consultations) - (Video only)
  • Annual Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander annual Health assessments. (Video only)
  • there are some additional, less frequently used items as well

There may be other items added as time goes on.

You may be asked to pre-pay for your telehealth consult, or will be phoned after the consult to arrange payment and your Medicare rebate. We may also send you an SMS with a payment link that directs you to a payment page.

Many Allied health services also now have access to telehealth items to allow ongoing care. (eg Psychology, Dietician, Physiotherapy to name a few)

Privately Funded Consult

  • These are time based appointments and are NOT rebatable to Medicare*
    • These will be for items not currenly covered by the above list and are not common items used currenlty
    • These will be used for patients who have not been seen at Don medical by a GP in the previous 12 months

*Please notes: The fees are equivalent to our normal fee charges for face to face consultations