Youth Health Rights and Responsibilities

As a youth at Don Medical Clinic I have the right:

  • To be treated respectfully by all staff
  • To receive comprehensive quality care and appropriate health services by staff who are comfortable and experienced with young people
  • To be presented with honest and complete health information, guidance and care
  • To include family members, friend and partners in my care at my request
  • To request a doctor with who I feel comfortable, and to ask for a second opinion when I believe it's necessary
  • To communicate with members of the health team in a language and manner that is understandable to me
  • To have the conditions and limitations of confidentially explained to me
  • To be addressed by my name and to know the names of doctors, nurses and others who help care for me
  • To be informed about my health care benefits and health plan procedures
  • To review my records

ANDI have the responsibility:

  • To give honest and complete information to my healthcare providers, and let them know if my health changes
  • To ask questions about my health or health care including the names, purposes and side effects of medications that are prescribed to me
  • To follow the plan I decide on with my healthcare providers, and let then know if I choose to change my mind
  • To treat the clinic staff, other patients and the clinic policies with respect.

When you have questions -ASK!
When you have complaints -SPEAK UP!
When you like what happens - SMILE AND SAY THANKS!